Top Signs that Tell your Residential Foundation Needs Structural Maintenance

For most people, purchasing a property is certainly a once-in-a-lifetime scope. Being said that, maintaining the property is something that needs your lifetime effort. Structural issues in a building are common over time. There could be cracks, movements, splits, or interior issues, to name a few.

Periodic maintenance is the only way to make sure all the building components are in great condition, keeping the structural foundation in its best form. No property owner would want to experience any sort of foundation disaster. Since a constructed structure is something that can be maintained and improved. Irrespective of the complexity of maintaining a property, an owner must find out the signs of damage ahead of time.

Being one of the reputed engineering firms in Dallas, Fundamental Engineering team can help building owners to notice the signs indicating foundation damage.

Guardrail and Balcony Issues

Balconies tend to get worsen with time and prone to dry out, fungus or decay. Cracks are the major culprit to blame as they allow the water to get inside the concrete, continuing to lead to bigger foundation damage. Improper drainage can occur if the balcony is sloped unevenly. balcony issues might look like minor, but if left unnoticed, it could lead to dangerous consequences.

Guardrails can also turn out to be a safety hazard. They have to be very strong so that they can support even the least amount of loads.

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Settlement Signs

Weather, soil composition, time - these are the most common reasons why settlement occurs. Be sure to notice foundation settlement if you notice frequent shedding of brick chunks. Serious damages can be occurred also due to cracks on the walls, moisture as well.

Excess moisture results in unhealthy fungus development. Cracks on walls and windows are common signs that are needed to be taken seriously.

Foundation Leak

Water leakage in the plumbing system is prone to erode the soil, damaging the structure of the foundation. Crawling insects, basement odor, damp carpets, water pooling, mildew - these are a few signs of water leakage. Expert structural engineering firms can easily deal with foundation leak, and come up with proper waterproofing advice to resolve the issue. 

Poor Drainage

Improper drainage can be a cause for concern. Clogged water is a common issue faced by every house owner. This happens either as a result of ill-maintained drains or it could be a lack of sewage disposal system.


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