Top 5 Reasons Why A Structural Engineer is Great for Foundation Inspection

Being a house owner, you might have experienced foundation issues that are getting more and more common these days. While seeking expert advice and recommendation regarding home foundation inspection and repair, you may find it difficult to figure out where to begin.

At Fundamental Engineering, we know it is of absolute importance to seek the right professional assistance when in need. Employing the right residential structural engineer is very much important to get the home inspection done in an effective manner.

Here we discuss why it is important for a homeowner to appoint a structural engineer that is trustworthy and experienced for a foundation inspection.

In how many ways a Residential Structural Engineer can offer you Help?

They have the Right Qualification

Structural engineers are very much knowledgeable as they know structural systems, foundation repairs, forensics, as well as residential foundation inspections. They have proper education about the whole process having a technical background. For evaluating the foundation, it is extremely safe to hire the most qualified professional to avoid costly mistakes.

They are Able to Produce an Engineering Report

When foundation inspection is done, they submit thorough reports to identify the damage caused. Aside from that, they even recommend feasible repair plans, if needed.

No Sales Pitch

When it comes to coming up with a remediation plan, contractors are considered under-qualified and you could even have to sell your piers for making money. A structural engineer gives an unbiased recommendation as no remediation plan is conducted. That means you are receiving an honest evaluation, not a sales pitch.

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Peace of Mind

Having a professional engineer in your back to evaluate the structure of your house certainly gives you peace of mind. Not only are they qualified and licensed, but you can achieve a hundred percent satisfaction that no one can offer.

Your Issue gets Fixed

Structural engineers that are licensed and experienced are in the field to help fix the issue you are facing. You will be educated by them to prevent any further movement in the foundation, and explained all the technical aspects of repairs and the mechanics of soil.


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