How Could you Tell if the Foundation of your Property is Faulty?

Foundation inspections are the process of inspecting a house to make sure no potential risks are awaiting. Being a homeowner, you want to have your property inspected by an expert. Before getting your feet into it, make sure you are aware of the things involved in it. No matter where you live, concrete foundation inspection is what lets you know if there are any issues with the foundation.

If you are considering a house inspection, there are three major things involved
  • You will have to meet with the nearest contractor
  • The contractor will then make an assessment of the current state of the foundation
  • A visual evaluation of your house and surrounding vegetation and drainage will be done by the contractor

Common Signs of Foundation Issues

Cracked Foundation

First, you will need to check the foundation of your property to see if there is any sign of crack or crumble. if you notice any crumbling concrete or cracked foundation, be sure to call your nearest inspection team without any delay.

Shifting Soil

Shifting soil is nothing but a result of foundation failure. Natural soil movement can occur due to unwanted freeze-and-thaw. Sometimes, settling can also occur because of decaying roots or collapsing soil.

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Damage from Water

Water damage is one of the reasons why soil shifts, hence, it can very well be a sign of foundation issue. Check if there any signs of moisture, especially during the rainy season. You will also notice signs of mold and mildew in your walls and windows.

Foundation Gap

While inspecting your foundation, make sure you check if there are any gaps in the walls, ceiling or floors. If the foundation is faulty, these gaps will show up on the outside of your building.

Improper Door Functioning

Faulty doors are sometimes, an indication of faulty foundations. Doors often fail to function properly, and you can blame high humidity for this. if you are facing issues with the doors, and it is happening for more than a couple days, it might be because of the improper foundation.

Fixing Foundation Issues

When having your foundation inspected, you will probably notice some areas which need repair. Is water leaking into the basement? Or is there any gap between the wall and the floor?

At Fundamental Engineering, we would be more than happy to meet your foundation inspection or repair needs. Our inspection team has years of knowledge in what they do and will assist you in finding out foundation issues if there are any.


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