Why Should you Seek Professional Help for Pier and Beam Foundation Damage?

A pier and beam foundation is considered an effective foundation. If you want to construct a house that is stable and sound, opting for this foundation type is, no doubt, a good idea. One of the greatest advantages of pier and beams is - the foundation uses an integrated crawl space.

Like any other foundation options, pier and beam foundation also requires repair. With time, they experience some potential problems, which need urgent repair. Being a homeowner, you should never overlook the importance of foundation repairs as the consequences could be costing you a fortune.

At Fundamental Engineering, we know it is important for every house owner to focus on keeping the foundation of the building functioning. Whenever you face any foundation issues, the vital signs that your foundation repairer ought to look for are:

  • Moisture in the crawl space
  • Sagging floor
  • Crooked door frame
  • Unleveled window sills
  • Mold and mildew on the beams

What Causes a Pier and Beam to Damage?

The soil underneath the foundation is considered to be the primary cause of issues found in foundations. Clay-laden soil is more likely to retain the moisture, resulting in expansion when wet and retraction as it gets dry. This can cause the piers to be moved, which are supposed to support the beams, developing instability.

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How to Take Measures to Prevent Foundation Damage?

In order to prevent foundation damage, you must take proper and effective measures. Controlling the drainage system of your house is the first step to do that. If you can regulate the amount of moisture present in soil beneath your house, it will help you keep the foundation in its best shape.

Whenever you notice pooling water, be sure to understand that there is inadequate drainage, which needs to be taken care of. Examine the condition of gutters as well as downspouts in order to make sure they are clean.

In case there are some trouble areas around the house, take time to initiate additional drainage control like trenches, swales, or French drains.

Foundations are the "heart" of every house and should never be neglected. If you notice any kind of signs mentioned above, be sure to seek professional assistance to make sure everything is under control, and you are in safe hands.

At Fundamental Engineering, our team is efficient enough to determine the right action to take if there is any damage found in the foundation. 


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