Residential Structural Engineer

Fundamental Engineering PLLC has gained a strong reputation for delivering engineering and design services that uphold the finest standards of excellence. We provide structural and construction engineering services for commercial, multi-story residential, industrial, and government projects for both private and public sector clients throughout the State of Texas. We have experience in steel, concrete, masonry and wood buildings and work closely with other members of the design team to create a facility that meets client specifications. Our professional services reflect an in-depth insight into the most complex but aesthetically appealing construction and superior understanding of our clients’ specific needs. We connect you to a nationwide pool of licensed professional residential structural engineer.

At Fundamental Engineering PLLC, we are committed to providing customized engineering solutions to a varied range of customers. Our engineers have proudly helped private home, and residential property owners establish and integrate green strategies and sustainability goals in their residential projects.

How Can Our Structural Engineers Help You?

  • Our structural engineers come up with several possible solutions to fit clients’ needs that comply with design criteria and fit within the construction budget and achieve the desired end result.
  • At Fundamental Engineering PLLC, every structural engineer not only transforms your dream home into reality but also make sure that the construction is structurally sound and wonderfully designed.
  • They virtually leave no room for error and give attention to detail. The engineers communicate with the architects to understand the design better and provide the best possible solutions for any structural issues.
  • The structural engineering team at Fundamental Engineering treat clients respectfully and offer prompt communication and excellent customer service.

Our team of structural engineers uses their education, training, and professional expertise to analyze and solve foundation engineering problems in areas such as research, design, manufacturing, and construction. We have had the opportunity to design stunning structures for a variety of congregations, and are always looking forward to our next opportunity to do so. If you are looking for a reputable engineering firm that offers structural engineering services, contact us to spearhead your project from conceptualization to completion.

Condo Addition

December 14th, 2017 / FundaEng

This is the view of the rear of the condos showing the large balconies.

Condominium Addition

December 14th, 2017 / FundaEng

Fundamental Engineering provided the anchorage details and on site inspection and detailed reports for the addition of this 3 story condominium addition.

Patio Area

December 14th, 2017 / FundaEng

This view shows the overall patio area. The patio is constructed of reinforced concrete. The patio includes two stair entries and a handicap ramp. All designs were performed in compliance with codes and ADA standards.

Restaurant Patio

December 14th, 2017 / FundaEng

This shows the ramp for handicapped patrons as a set of stairs to enter the patio area. This was a remodel of an existing house to convert it into a small food venue.