Let Fundamental Engineering Explain These 5 Benefits of Retaining Walls

At Fundamental Engineering PLLC we are responsible for providing several types of services in the field of structural design and architecture. One of the most common service requests we receive from our esteemed customers in Texas is to design a cost-effective retaining wall efficiently. Retaining walls are a common sight in Texas. Truth be told, a retaining wall is a common solution we have to provide when carrying out the home repair in San Antonio, Elgin, etc. But seldom do we come across customers who are fully aware of how many benefits are retaining walls can be of in their homes.

What is a retaining wall?

The simplest definition of a retaining wall is that it is responsible for holding together a bed of soil to provide a better foundation. While that is indeed a primary function of a retaining wall, there certainly are other benefits. A retaining wall also holds back the otherwise loose soil that is on the other side, bearing the weight of the structure above.

A retaining wall performs functions such as

Stopping soil erosion

Soils tend to be loosely packed in regions that regularly witness rainfall. The moisture in the soil prevents it from being firm enough to remain stationary. This can not only pose dangers for the adjacent buildings and structures but also make the area prone to further flooding. A retaining wall holds the soil together, so it does not get washed away by runoff rainwater.

Protecting pool water

Retaining walls act as a barricade for your pool. If you own a pool then obviously you do not want it to get dirtied by the runoff soil mixed with rainwater from the steep terrain around the pool. A retaining wall may be of help in preventing the soil runoff from spilling into the pool. On the other side, if the pool overflows due to heavy rain, it will not flood the surroundings thanks to the retaining wall.

Protection from soil dampening

If your property is developed closed to a water body, then the chances are that the nearby soil might retain moisture from the same. Moist soil is obviously not good for the foundation of your property. So, to protect the ground from remaining damp, you can go ahead and install a retaining wall that stops the moisture from spreading to your foundations. In such scenarios, it is always prudent to hire a structural engineering service such as Fundamental Engineering PLLC. We are savvy in local building laws for such situations.


Retaining walls are of excellent use in the practice of terrace farming. Terrace farming is a practice in hilly areas where steep areas of land are cut into steps and supported by a retaining wall in every level. Retaining walls create a lot of usable space for you to step on without any fear of missing your footing.

Aesthetic applications

Retaining walls can also be used as an ornamental element in your property. By installing stone veneers or applying plaster followed by paint you can convert your retaining wall into an eye-catching aesthetic element.

When you hire Fundamental Engineering PLLC for home repair in San Antonio or anywhere else in Texas such, you can rest assured that the decision will benefit you in more ways than one.


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