Everything you Want to Know About Pier and Beam Foundation

In the United States, pier and beam foundations are the most ancient foundation type being used. A house's structural integrity depends on the foundation that has been used. A home built on pier and beam foundation is resistant to damage caused by soil shifting.

To Define Pier and Beam Foundations

While building a pier and beam foundation house, concrete slabs are placed on the ground. After this, concrete blocks are being placed on them. Lastly, beams are built around the perimeter of the house. These foundations are the blend of wood and concrete, depending on the age of the house.

How we Spot Issues with Pier and Beam Foundations?

At Fundamental Engineering, we have a team of expert technicians who are eligible enough to perform foundation inspection and repair. They will keep their eyes on the following things:

  • Cracks in the foundation
  • Floorings that are not level and sagging
  • Interior floor cracks, creaking in cracked tiles or wooden floors
  • Doors and windows which are newly sticking
  • Rotting, cracked or failing joists

Foundation Benefits

It Provides Safety in Flood-Prone Areas

Pier and beam foundations are more often seen in areas where flood is very common. It is because these foundations help upraise the house to protect it from high tides, moisture, and floods causing damage. The elevation helps create an additional space, which does not allow water to get in touch with the foundation.

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Easy to Access Plumbing and Electrical

Pier and beam foundation houses have an additional space called "crawl space", which are easily accessible, if required. In some instances, when you need plumbers or electricians to have access to the wiring and pipes, it would be possible to simply reach the crawl space. That means it will be easier for repairing or installation. 

Why Choose the Right Foundation Repair Company?

Being a house owner, it is important for you to maintain the foundation. It takes a lot of effort and patience to keep the foundation in its best form. With that being said, it needs you to work with a foundation repair company that can assist you with repairs.

Being a reputed and licensed foundation service providing company, we are well-versed with all the aspects of foundation needs and can suggest you the best. Our foundation repair team will be more than happy to address and solve your foundation issues.


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