Why should Every House Owner Plan On-Site Structural Evaluation?

There is no denying that every building has its own lifespan. If the materials used in the building have to remain functional beyond its lifespan, chances are high that it might cause some sort of structural damage.

Factors including poor construction methods, moisture, overloading, termite infestation are to blame for a reduced lifespan of a building. Being a house owner, foundation cracks or sagging floors are a matter of concern. Or you might be a prospective buyer, it would bother you if there is any sort of structural damage in the building. Before making the purchase, you would definitely want to have the building inspected to see whether or not it is earthquake resistance.

This is where on-site structural evaluation comes in the picture. This process helps you to identify flaws in the structure of the building. It also suggests effective measures so that you can correct that before it is too late. An effective evaluation program of the building would help you to make site plans accordingly.

At Fundamental Engineering, we can walk you through the signs of common structural issues so that you understand the importance of evaluation.

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Cracks found in the concrete foundation of a building are a definite cause for concern. Some cracks tend to occur naturally, which are vertical, originating from a corner of an opening in the concrete slab or wall.

Horizontal cracks may emerge, in case there is severe hydro-static pressure on the foundation. Diagonal cracks occur due to the settlement of the soi, which is softer in someplace and harder in the other.

If you consider an assessment of your building's foundation with the help of an engineer, he or she will help you identify these dangerous cracks easily. If there are any underlying issues like poor drainage, you can rest assured as your back is covered.

Damage Due to Termites

Termites, every year, have a record destroy rate of properties all over the states. During summertime, they seek places to create their colonies. They are dangerous as they create tunnels through the wood, making it brittle and soft. Running a structural assessment is a must if you want to recognize these issues at the beginning.


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