Common Foundation Cracks that Every House Owner Must Know

Being a house owner, it is your responsibility to keep the house in its best form and take care of all the necessary repairs. If you are a house owner and in need of home repair in San Antonio, make sure you have your part of the job regarding foundation checks, in need.

Most homeowners often think of foundation as it cannot be damaged. However, this is not the case. If and when the ground below a foundation remains unchanged, then only it is easier for the foundation to remain in a good condition without being damaged.

However, the soil beneath the foundation, sometimes, tend to shift due to various factors like clay-rich soil, very dry, or wet weather. When these factors come to play, the foundation gets shifted unexpectedly, resulting in cracks and costly repairs.

At Fundamental Engineering, we have dealt with ample foundation issues and repairs. In order to help you understand how to recognize if there is any foundation issue, we have jotted down some points below:

Cracks Being Found in a Foundation

Before a house's foundation collapse, it slowly begins to crack. If you are able to recognize it at the very beginning, you could be able to save your house earlier. To do this in the best possible way, make sure you look for any cracks that could be indicating towards any foundation problem.

Here are the Types of Foundation Cracks that you may Encounter:

Vertical Foundation Crack

This is the most common foundation crack. This crack can be a widening or spider web forming vertical fractures. Its nature generally depends on the way how the soil is getting shifted underneath. These cracks are more likely to happen if one part of your house gets pushed up away from the rest.

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Horizontal Crack

Horizontal cracks also happen as a result of soil shifting, however, it is of a different type. If the foundation remains buried in multiple soil layers, it could cause stress to horizontally hit the foundation.

Stair Horizontal Crack

If you have a house that is lined with bricks, resulting in a diagonal crack at a 45-degree angle, then there could be a stair-step crack.

Above are some of the few types of foundation cracks that may need you to look after. If you find any sort of foundation issues, make sure you get in touch with professionals who will take care of the repairing programs.  


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