5 Qualities To Look for When Hiring Structural Engineering Company

A strong and beautiful building is nothing if it cannot stand the test of nature and time.

This is why you need structural engineering firms.  Structural engineer is the backbone of any well-built structure and that’s why it is so important to find a knowledgeable and reliable team to help materialize your project.

All structural engineers are not the same. They may have a degree, but that doesn’t mean they have the right skills and ability to apply them that not only results in structurally sound building, but also meets code, enhances operational efficiency, supports the purpose of structure and adds value to the whole project. Here are top 5 things you should look out for in a structural engineering firm.

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Quality construction documents, experience and competitive pricing are the key for structural engineer to stay in business.

Fundamental Engineering formed in 2014 and the founder of business has over 20 years of experience in the construction and engineering industry.

A longstanding firm with great relationship with their clients will provide timeliness quality and fair cost required for your project.


Whatever is the size of the project, it needs a structural engineering company that will quickly respond to your concerns and field comments to keep it on schedule.

Our team of design professionals is led by highly skilled manager and he is designated as your point of contact. A responsive company will keep you informed with regular communications, give reply to your concerns in a timely manner and makes you feel important. 


Each project is different. As there are different construction materials, geotechnical foundation restraints, building codes, contractor abilities etc.

it is important to have structural engineering firm with experience in different kinds of jobs. We have an experience to design and can convey the designs in construction documents clearly.

Our professional engineers have years of experience in solving problems.


Having a flexible and talented team is important for building experience. Having such a dynamic group o of experts under one roof helps projects to move faster and efficiently.

We balance staffing available on large as well as small projects. Our mission is to add value for our clients by providing high quality and cost effective engineering services in a compressed timeframe.

It is our goal to leverage the science of engineering for the benefit the community, employees and clients.

Licensure and Education

A successful structural engineer doesn’t stop once he is out of the school. It requires a lifelong education by using new technologies and ever changing building codes.

Our engineers keep their knowledge by regularly attending learning programs and are involved in engineering community by serving on regional building department boards. We have years of experience in the construction and engineering industry. 

By leveraging that experience and knowledge, cost effective engineering solutions are fashioned for clients of all sizes. Solutions are developed using most up to date digital tools paired with experience in implementing the proposed solution.

Having a dedicated structural engineering firm will help you stay on schedule and under budget. We have a wide range of integrated services and help you dream become a reality.


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